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About Fruugul

Fruugul offers access to some great discounts from premium brands that you buy when you want to buy them. Never run out of your favourite discounts again, with Fruugul just buy it when you want to buy it and save money where you want to save money, all from the comfort of an easy to use app.

Individual Discounts

Buy individual discounts when you want to, for the places you love. Don't worry about running out of vouchers again as they're just a click away.

What's On

Keep up with what's happening in your city, Fruugul will keep you informed of the latest events and promotions that you want to know about.

Get Rewarded

Interact with your favourite restaurants, bars, beauty and leisures destinations to earn rewards for checking-in, rating or recommending them.



Fruugul is simple to use, but packed full of features, some you may not know. Let us answer a few of those questions which end up in our inbox frequently.

  • What is Fruugul?
    Fruugul is an app offering vouchers and discounts to save you money. We sell e-vouchers that allow you access to discounts when you want for a small fee to access the discount, we don't limit you on the amount you buy either, so you wont run out.
  • How much are the e-vouchers?
    This depends on the merchant (this is what we call our companies on Fruugul) and what they are offering. Our vouchers start from 5AED and go up from there depending on what is being offered.
  • How many can I use?
    Their is no purchase limit on our vouchers, so buy as many as you like. There may be times what there is only a limited amount of vouchers available, so you have to check!
  • What are Fruugul Coins?
    Fruugul coins are our own currency to save you having to do multiple small transactions on your card, there is a huge time saving by using coins. We offer various packages of coins for you to purchase, and you will also be rewarded in coins for interacting with Fruugul and our merchants.
  • What's the plus button for?
    Some of you have noticed our plus button on the home screen. This button allows you to enter an offer number, or promotional code. An advert code will take you to the offer directly without the need for searching, or a promotion code will reward you with either a voucher or coins depending on what the promotion is.
  • I've tried to register but I didn't get a verification code?
    If you have previously opted out of marketing messages, your telecoms provider may stop verification emails coming through to your phone. Please check with your telecoms provider.


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